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Metal Detector

Is there anything more annoying then trying to get through the metal detector without making it beep?

Lake Titicaca

A bad driving decision, a few choice words, and the unrest following the verdicts in the Rodney King case continues.

The Flier

Clybourne Park got it wrong. How a neighborhood really went from white to black overnight.

Man With No Shadow

"a keenly recalled, wonderful replication of the Lone Ranger days of radio...Felde is a natural" - LA Times

The Nose

A self-important politician awakes one morning to find his nose is missing. A larger-than-life version of that nose turns up in town and becomes a local hero.

Top of the Hour

A very bad night for two strangers waiting for news from a commuter train crash. His wife is on the train. She's a reporter who has to report something at the top of the hour.

journalist of the year/Ratings Magnet

Three reporters, one golden statue...does sleeping with a prominent politician really hurt your career?

Mum's the Word

Everybody knows the Tournament of Roses Parade.  But ever heard of the Carnival of Chrysanthemums in nearby Claremont, California?