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A Patch of Earth

"a drama of strong intent...fluid and dynamic, like a traumatic but all too real dream."

Gogol Project

"just the right mix of drama and comedy... a substantive series of stories that really makes your imagination go to work overtime."


Winner, Open Book/Fireside Theatre Playwriting Competition

The Luckiest Girl

NEW -- He's the most politically incorrect holiday character imaginable...and little Tahira loves him.

Bum's Rush

The tale of the Dodgers' 1958 move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles - from LA's point of view.

Time of the Troubles

Why does brother turn against brother — almost overnight? A pair of former cops reunite in Kenya on the eve of the violent 2007 election.

Shanghai Heart

"Felde knows the melodrama form and has created an admirably intricate plot involving lost children, double amnesia, filched land deeds, a displaced Mountie, vamps, chorines, an evil foreigner, revenge and love triumphant."