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The LA riots still haunt a pair of former cops.

Mike Marcott is now a politician, his sights on an open Congressional seat. He's reunited with his former partner on the LAPD, Scott Andrews, who was severely injured in the riots. Andrews is now active with his church and brings Marcott to visit a sister parish in Kenya, where Marcott has come to serve as an election observer. Out-of-work TV reporter Carol Thornton has tagged along, trying to reconstruct her career with a public radio documentary about Marcott, the man who built his entire political career on being the hero of the LA riots. There's another political candidate in Dandora: Elizabeth Mugambi. She's running for city council to shut down an environmental hazard in her neighborhood — a gigantic dump. We also meet one other mysterious fellow — South LA native-turned-freelance-humanitarian-worker, Charles Baldwin. He and Marcott have some unfinished business.

Marcott is haunted — literally — by the riots. He hasn't seen his old partner in 15 years. Andrews is puzzled by the long estrangement. Marcott fears Andrews will shoot holes in his "Marcott the Hero" mythology. Carol is desperate for a story that will get her a job. And Elizabeth is struggling with the decision of whether she should bribe voters to win her election.

The play examines why we turn on each other, what's the spark that sets off the long-simmering resentments? And how do we stop it from happening again? And how do we define what makes a hero?

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