6m, 4f (or 5m, 5f)

Anything can happen in 1870's San Francisco.

Cristabelle Calloway gives up her career as a hoofer with Buffalo Bob's Wild West Show. She comes to the city by the Bay seeking her long lost - and rich - grandfather. A bump on the head leads to amnesia, a stolen identity, and romance with a singing Mountie.

Ramona Rodriguez is also on a quest, seeking her stolen rancho.

And Clementine Walker just wants a newspaper job at the Golden Bay Bugle.

A notorious Barbary Coast shanghai ring and an onstage earthquake complicate matters.

"Felde knows the melodrama form and has created an admirably intricate plot involving lost children, double amnesia, filched land deeds, a displaced Mountie, vamps, chorines, an evil foreigner, revenge and love triumphant" - LA Times

"clever, talented and resourceful Kitty Felde...we should be hearing more from this versatile young lady" - Drama-Logue

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