LA Drama Critics Circle Award
- Best Adaptation

LA Weekly Theater Award
- Best Adaptation

Comedy with puppets
8m, 4f

Award-winning adaptation of three short stories by Nikolai Gogol - "The Nose," "The Overcoat," and "Diary of a Madman."

A self-important man wakes up one morning to find his nose has gone missing. The nose shows up in town, dressed to the nines, commanding more respect than the man himself ever got.

A humble postal clerk spends every rouble on a gorgeous new coat. When it's stolen the very night of its debut, his life spirals downward...until his ghost gets its revenge.

And a madman falls in love with a beautiful girl, but she's in love with a bad boy. He rescues his beloved, but is dragged off to an asylum. He doesn't object: he believes he's off to Spain to become the new queen.

Welcome to Nevsky Prospect, a magical place where chairs dance, cows buy tea, and dogs compose epic poems. Anything can happen here.

KPCC's Kitty Felde Pens Gogol Project Adaptation
- Interview on The

"deftly balances flights of whimsy and depths of darkness" - LA Times

"Kitty Felde cleverly interweaves the three short stories into a patchwork of superb cohesion, a tall order considering the only similarity these stories share is in their sociopolitical overtone and ridiculous everyday elements." - Stage Happenings

"just the right mix of drama and comedy... a substantive series of stories that really makes your imagination go to work overtime." - Buzzine

"rabidly savor each spoken word, mute turn of the eye and flick of the wrist for fear that you'll miss one moment of this rare wonder." - Daily Bruin

"stories are kept light, but their tragedies and small victories hit the heart heavily. It's a perfect show to be wowed at, laugh some, and even be a bit of a kid again" - Taco

"funny, touching, thought-provoking and beautifully inventive" - Talkin' Broadway

"If Nikolai Gogol had written three of his most famous short stories while on acid, the result would have been the Gogol Project" - USC Neon Tommy

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Gogol Project was originally produced by Rogue Artists Ensemble in association with the Bootleg Theater and made possible by generous support from The Jim Henson Foundation, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Designs and images (C) 2010 Rogue Artists Ensemble.
Photo credit by Bobby Brown and Patrick Hartson.