Open Book/Fireside Theatre Playwriting Competition

2nd Place Winner
The Little Theatre of Alexandria Annual Playwriting Competition

Southwest Theatre Association New Play Contest

One-woman show with ghost
90 min
1f, voice of 1m

It's June of 1971. Tricia Nixon is getting married. And every reporter in town is determined to interview the last bride married in the White House, 80-something year old Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

Alice was the ultimate political celebrity. Her father was perhaps America's favorite President, Theodore Roosevelt; she married a future Speaker of the House. She was tall, gorgeous, and outrageous. Everywhere she went, Alice made headlines for her shocking behavior. It drove her father crazy.

The ghost of TR haunts Alice and forces her to confront the truths in her own life: her unhappy relationship with her daughter, the infidelity of her husband, her own marital indiscretion, and the lifelong quest for her father's approval.

Editor's Pick - Washington Post
"vivid enough that one might expect T.R. to rise from the grave and start wagging his finger at his devil-may-care daughter"

"*****" Maryland Theatre Guide
"****" DC Theatre Scene

Washington Post
DC Theatre Scene
Washington City Paper
The Hill

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Photo credit Debi Pittman Wilkey and Gary Jung